Stéphane Gagnon was born in Joliette, in 1965, into a family highly supportive of artistic endeavours. As long as he can remember, Stéphane was encouraged to develop his artistic flair at a very young age and pursue his artistic approach. He was nearly 18 when he presented his first exhibitions, where drawing prevailed over painting.

In the 1980s, Stéphane Gagnon was introduced to painting by his aunt, Yvette Froment, now world-renowned. At first, his style was rather hyperrealist (photo), which allowed him to hone his acrylic painting skills.

Thereafter, on the advice of some painter friends, he developed a more personal style. He abandoned acrylic for oil, more representative of the Impressionist movement. Nature scenes were ever-present in his work and his craftsmanship his “touch” allowed him to pay tribute to the seasons in atmospheres and tones that enhanced their singular beauty

In the wake of several solo and collective exhibitions, contests and symposiums, he is now considered by his peers as one of the best “traditional” painters following the path of the first Canadian and American Impressionist painters. During his career (over 25 years), he had met renowned artists who allowed him to grow and, more recently, Yvette Boulanger who acts as his mentor. Together, they exchange and share their vision of art.

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