Artistic Approach

As an Impressionist painter, I respect great Canadian masters such as Suzor-Coté and M. Cullen, and great American masters like W. L. Metcalf, G. Iness, with a modern, personal vision.

In my paintings, the atmosphere has singular importance. I express myself with oil as a medium, and prefer different values and the more vibrant, luminous colours. My colour palette is now more “felt” and contrasting highlights and shadows showcase my themes and subjects.

Using a textured medium reminiscent of old methods, my touch adds another dimension and showcases light in all its splendour. The beholder is then invited by compositions that beckon one to enter almost timeless and all-encompassing places.

Through my work, I seek simply the serenity and tranquility that reflect my evolution. Mother Nature is, in her purest traditional expression, the subject and favoured theme of my research, and will remain so for years to come.

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